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Persici Bay (Worldwide) Ambassador Program


So, you want to or are interested in working with Persici Bay as an ambassador, let us help you by answering some common questions below.


In Brief

  • Persici Bay sells to 170 countries worldwide.
  • We have a closed group ambassador program, we value each affiliate and we offer all the support needed to help you become successful working with us.
  • Partnership is what we are all about, tell us about your business, we will tell you about ours and we can work on a plan as to how best we can work together from there.


Who is Persici Bay?

Persici Bay is a new premium women's activewear fashion brand headquartered in the U.K. Persici Bay creates durable and luxurious activewear that lasts! 


Why should I join?

Persici Bay is a growing brand and we want to work with business owners and influencers. Our ambassador program has been created as a closed group where we get to know you, your business and how we can help each other grow. We aim to support you and your business as a partner and provide various resources and training on how to make a success of promoting our brand.


How do I get accepted?

Firstly, you should consider our audience which is predominately 16-35-year-old females. Mobile friendly, have moderate to high disposable income and lives predominately in English speaking countries. Next, you should either own or manage an establishment, website, blog, app or platform whereby you can reach our customer on a CPA basis.

You should include how you can target our audience in your application message as well as why you want to work with us, we take added note of messages when considering applications.



5% default on all purchases made through your custom ambassador link. (5% commission on full RRP regardless of any current promotions or sales)

Up to 10% for content creators, bloggers and influencers of high influential reach. 

All commission is arranged on a case-by-case basis and agreed prior to ambassador approval.

Discounts for ambassador personal purchases.

Email our team with your introduction.