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#NAMASLAY Meet The Twins Slaying the Acro Yoga Game. You can Yoga but can you Acro Yoga?

Posted on September 05 2018

We are so excited to welcome @acroyogatwins Madi and Tallara to #TEAMPB. These babes are out to inspire and teach others the art of Acro Yoga making it look easy. We interviewed them to get the low down on how they got started.




Who are Acro Yoga Twins?

We are Madi and Tallara, we are twins from Sydney, Australia.


How did you get into Acro Yoga?

We were born 10 weeks prematurely and our parents decided to put us in gymnastics when we were 2 years old to help with the development of our gross motor skills and coordination. We did gymnastics for 8 years and then moved into Acrobatics where we trained for another 6 years, competing and moving in a coaching role. We loved being upside down and working in groups in acrobatics, so when we came across Acro Yoga it felt like a natural progression.


Who/what is your biggest inspiration?

Seeing Acroyoga and handstand pages on instagram is our main inspiration. We see poses and flows and are inspired to try them.

We have some people on instagram who are a big inspiration for us like :







What does a typical day for you both look like?

- Mornings begin with Breakfast; something healthy and yummy. Our days can be pretty busy so good food is a must to start our day.

- School (Monday - Friday)

- Afternoons consist of working; coaching acrobatics, studying and training. We love to train outside whenever we can, although some days it may just be some stretching and handstand practice indoors. On weekends we try and get to a yoga class.

- Dinner and then some relaxation


How often do you practise?

During the week we generally work individually doing stretching or handstand work, then on the weekends we work on our partner work, this is normally skills and flow practice.


Do you practise any other form of sport/exercise?

Acroyoga Yoga Handstand work both on the ground and using handstand bars/canes.

Gym training.

Waterskiing and wakeboarding.


How do you relax?

We relax by going to the beach, hanging by the pool (in summer) or watching movies. We also love to go waterskiing and wakeboarding whenever we can.


What are the benefits of Acro Yoga?

- Builds core strength.

- Helps with flexibility and stretching.

- It’s fun and challenging, there are endless possibilities, you can never get bored.

- Helps with your concentration and being present in the moment.

- Teaches you to understand and trust each other by working in a partnership.


What do you love most about sharing your Acro Yoga poses online?

- We love all the positive feedback and beautiful messages from people.

- We love inspiring others to try new skills or something new, not many people know what AcroYoga is, sharing our photos and progress online is the easiest way for us to explain it.

- Sharing our poses and flows also helps us to grow as we see our progress over time.


Check out Madi and Tallara's website and IG here



Photography by @ikon_yoga_photography






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