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Muay Thai Fighter - A Day in The Life @irmafitness_

Posted on December 11 2018

A Day in the life of a Muay Thai Fighter!

We’ve been following @irmafitness_ since we launched Persici Bay earlier this year and we’ve seen what an incredible journey Irma has been on since she started training to become a Mauy Thai fighter in Thailand 6 months ago. We asked her what a typical day for her is like...



I’ve been training Muay Thai for 6 months now, and in this time I have had 3 real fights. Here in Thailand the training regime is pretty intense for fighters. We train 6 days a week, twice a day.

Thailand is an incredible place to become a fighter. You can start with having absolutely no experience whatsoever and in a few months, you can be standing in the ring, ready for your first fight.


Here in Thailand, Thai female fighters start fighting from a very young age in order to earn an income to support their family or to fund their studies. For this reason, it is very hard to find a fighter who has the same level of experience and training as you to make for a fair match. The girls here have a lot of experience and fights under their belt. They are the sweetest people you will meet but once they step in the ring, they’ll destroy you with their fast kicks and sharp elbows.


Every morning my day starts with a 6am wake up call and the first thought in my mind is “Oh no, I’m probably gonna die again today”. I usually have 30 minutes to enjoy my coffee and get ready for my run. My run each morning varies from the way I’m performing in the gym or how much time is left until my next fight. Some mornings I run for 30 minutes at a light jogging pace. Other times I will do 20 minutes fast running and some mornings I’ll do sprints.


Training to build a solid fitness level is very important as a fighter in order to last 5 rounds in the ring. You can get very tired, very quickly so varying my training is vital in order to keep my fitness levels up and my body guessing. In Muay Thai culture you can never show weakness, pain or anger. My teacher tells me it’s all about “looking nice”. Having “nice” balance, taking kicks like you feel nothing and striking back as fast as you can.


After my run I go straight to Muay Thai class. Training changes every day. If my teacher sees that I’m not getting some of the moves right, we will work on those until I’m making progress. Usually we focus on boxing drills and technique training in the morning sessions. My morning session including my run lasts for around 2 hours.I jump on my motorbike and go home for breakfast and my 1 - 2 hour nap. Then I head back at 6.30pm for my second training session.


In the evening session we do more sparring and clinching work with students that come after school/university to train there. Some of them are also fighters so we help each other to train for fights. In the gyms I train at, there are usually very few female fighters so I’m left to spar with guys or teachers. We all get nervous to spar with teachers because it is impossible to win against them. They can see every move we are about to make, there is really no mercy in training for fights. We have to adopt our body to take the pain and constant injuries.I think it would be hard to find any Muay Thai teacher that hasn’t had at least 200 fights seeing as they all usually start from 7 years old and fight every few weeks. This is the best way to learn how to master this incredible sport.


After a day full of sweat, jabs and sometimes tears, my training usually finishes at 8pm. I then get home, have dinner and get to bed by 11pm ready to go again the next day!

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