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5 Favourite Acro Yoga Poses @acro_yoga_twins

Posted on November 01 2018

What is and why you should try Acro yoga!

If you haven’t heard of or seen it, Acro yoga is a mix of partner acrobatics and yoga. The practice builds trust, compassion and communication and has many health benefits much like regular yoga. On a spiritual level, Acro yoga develops empowerment, life balance and a sense of pure joy and on a physical level, the practice improves balance, flexibility and strength. If that's not enough reasons to give this practice a try, we don't know what is!

We asked @acro_yoga_twins Madi and Tallara what their '5 Acro Yoga Poses' were and why. See their favourite poses below! 



This is our go-to pose which we love. It is just something we have always done.



More of an Acro pose than AcroYoga, this is one of our favourites as it was a position we practised a lot while doing acrobatics. In acrobatics it was called “dead ant” and we completed it in a trio with another person on top of this position. We love doing variations of this pose such as no hands or strength exercises like partner squats.




This pose is an interesting shape to hold. We lean on each other but have to be careful not to push each other over. We love the symmetry in this pose although it is tricky to get into. Sometimes we cheat a little and get someone to place our feet together.




Star is another favourite of our skills as it allows us to transition into other poses. We use this skill in a lot of our flows. This skill can be more challenging by practising with no hands or different leg positions.




This variation of “Reverse Bird” we love as it looks elegant. In this pose, we pull against each other to find balance and create the shape.


Check out Madi and Tallara's website and Insta for more amazing Acro Yoga content!



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